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Feng Shui-Definition

Feng shui is a study of how humans interact with their environment. Feng shui is the practice of analyzing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life. The term feng shui originated in ancient China and its basis is chi, which is a vital energy present in everything. In practice it focuses on the way a building can influence the behavior, emotions, health and thoughts of people spending time there. The body of knowledge that contributes to feng shui explores the influence of building design, interior features, furniture, imagery; natural local earth energies and the location people place themselves within a building at any given time.

Feng Shui In Home And Work Life

In practice, a feng shui consultant will be able to advise you on colors, plants, art, mirrors, electrical equipment, lighting, water features and the layout of furniture. In addition feng shui practitioners look at modern influences such as cell phones, computers, microwaves and electrical equipment, as well as cell phone masts, pylons and high voltage lines.
Everything in your outer life — especially your home environment — mirrors your inner self. Your surroundings are in many ways a visible manifestation of your life, a metaphor of how your life is at any given moment. Consequently everything in your home has an effect upon you, from the smallest ornament to the largest design structure.
Feng Shui is a wonderful transformational tool that can be used to help change the way a place feels. Making positive adjustments to your physical environment means that your surroundings are able to support you rather than work against you.

By introducing the principles of feng shui and adjusting and balancing the flow of energy within your home and its outside space, it will become a more harmonious and supportive place to live in. Potentially it can powerfully and effectively influence the course of your life for the better. Prestige Decorating Professional Feng Shui consultants are trained to read the energy and symbolism of your home and know how to help you to change it to your advantage.

How Feng Shui Works

There are many external factors that can alter our emotions and our behavior. Well-researched examples would be the lunar cycle, weather, seasons and colors. Feng shui experts also recognize that the atmosphere, or chi, of a building is able to influence our thoughts and feelings. The job of a feng shui consultant is to assess what kind of atmosphere a person will succeed and flourish in, then create the appropriate environment the home or work space.